86 in a Century

LISTEN: https://www.mixcloud.com/qrux/86-in-a-century/
DOWNLOAD: http://synthlab.squarespace.com/blog-1/

A DJ mix of tracks released in 1986. Music by Love and Rockets, the Feelies, The Damned, The Durutti Column and others.

1. Slipping (Into Something) 
The Feelies • The Good Earth 

2. An American Dream 
Love and Rockets • Express

3. Always the Sun - Live 
The Stranglers • Dreamtime 

4. R.O.D. 
The Fall • Bend Sinister 

5. Shadow of a Doubt 
Sonic Youth • Evol 

6. Meniscus (remastered) 
This Mortal Coil • Filigree & Shadow 

7. Alone Again Or 
The Damned • Anything 

8. Oomingmak 
Cocteau Twins • Victorialand 

9. Dance II 
The Durutti Column • Circuses and Bread 

10. Stairs And Flowers 
Skinny Puppy • Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse 

11. Paul Revere 
Beastie Boys • Licensed To Ill 

12. Royal Infirmary 
The Durutti Column • Circuses and Bread 

13. All In My Mind (Acoustic Version) 
Love and Rockets • Express

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